طراح رستوران

طراح رستوران

restaurant designer


Who is the restaurant designer?

An architect or engineer, who professionally masters the design of restaurants and industrial kitchens and with sufficient experience in this field, masters all the design factors of restaurant complexes.

This special group of designers specializes in designing food complexes such as food courts, restaurants, fast food, cafes and bars, specializing in industrial kitchen layout and restaurant hall design and observing the hygienic and managerial principles of restaurants.

In recent years, the field of architecture, such as medicine, has become more specialized.

Architects and engineers in this field specialize in interior design and design of facades and signboards of restaurants.

Trained Engineers After the emergence of large restaurant chains such as McDonald and KFC, professional engineers who had experience designing and building several restaurants gradually left these companies and with their experience in designing and executing Specialized restaurant complexes were engaged.

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